I bought so many trunips today

 So its sunday, and I had 2 millon bells, but I wanted to spend them all on trunips. And that went exterme

Not only did I buy thousands of turnips, but I also kinda have to store then outside since I dont wannna store them in my house. I am the only human player so it dosent really matter, but I cant host my entire island right now since I dont wanna set up bunch of fencing.

I wish nintendo would let us put our trunips in stroage at home, I have the full 2,400 slots and I wanna take advantage of that with my trunips.

I might setup another player to have a place to store trunips. I also have to sell these trunips at some point, and I probaly gonna use somebody elses island, and I will have to make lots of trips back and forth to sell these trunips which will be a pain. But it will be worth it if I can doube, tripple, or more my bells.


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