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Here are the glitches in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.11

Click here for the audio version of this article Last week, animal crossing: new horizons  got updated to version 1.11, this was the first update in over 90 days, and while there was not alot, it added new content until november which is problay around the time we will see the next update for the game. But there are some bugs that where found by fans and today I will be going over them. Glitches talked about by people Harv's Island Catalog This is a bug where the catalog of items in harv's island dosent match up with your catalog, there are multiple items that are affected by this, like the simple panel, while a player might have the red panel, it will only let you use the white panel. Nook's Cranny Shop Closing Music The music that plays in nooks cranny at 9:50pm-10pm doesn't play anymore, for some reason and its kinda odd. If you dont know, this is a reference to the music that plays in Japanese shops before they close. DIY Sorting This is a minor bug but you can no l

How to sign up for island of chris blog emails

Step 1: Cilck the link in the sidebar Step 2: Fill out the form on the next page Step 3: Cilck the link in your email You will now get email updates for the acnh island of chris blog!

You can now get email updates for the island of chris blog

You can now get email updates for the island of chris blog Use the link on the sidebar to sign up! Click here to view the guide.