Here are the glitches in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.11

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Last week, animal crossing: new horizons got updated to version 1.11, this was the first update in over 90 days, and while there was not alot, it added new content until november which is problay around the time we will see the next update for the game. But there are some bugs that where found by fans and today I will be going over them.

Glitches talked about by people

Harv's Island Catalog

This is a bug where the catalog of items in harv's island dosent match up with your catalog, there are multiple items that are affected by this, like the simple panel, while a player might have the red panel, it will only let you use the white panel.

Nook's Cranny Shop Closing Music

The music that plays in nooks cranny at 9:50pm-10pm doesn't play anymore, for some reason and its kinda odd. If you dont know, this is a reference to the music that plays in Japanese shops before they close.

DIY Sorting

This is a minor bug but you can no longet sort diy's by date obtained. 

You cant take home some diy's

I dont think is a glitch but its problay nintendo wanting you to get some diy's in a certain way.

Glitches not talked about by people

There are a few glitches I have experienced but nobody talks about

Audio sometimes being muffled

Sometimes when are outside, sounds like (but not limted to) footsteps, doors, and some reactions are kinda muffled, and its kinda annoying

Cranky Villager's reactions to your reactions

Cranky villagers are not reacting to my reactions the way they normally would, they are doing it in the way filck would or when are holding some items.


Its seems like this update has been braking a bunch of things, this is likey because the update was rushed, there could be multiple reasons for this, maybe they where trying to get this update rolled out asap, maybe they are working a big new update coming up? Either way this update is kinda werid.

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